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The Drivetime (1995)

"When the dreamtime and the daytime overlap, you're in THE DRIVETIME..."

A bemused time-traveling librarian named Flux from the serenity of 2023 to the chaos of Seattle in 1999, where he uncovers video footage from a riot that triggered the city's collapse. Society's obsession with communications technology has created the near-extinction of conversation. People communicate via e-mail and videofax; the film's few face-to-face encounters have a sourish, sitcom-type sting.


  •  Antero Alli

  •  Antero Alli
  •  Rob Brezsny


Release Date: 1995-01-01
Status: Released
Original Title: The Drivetime
themoviedb icon 0.0 / 10 /
themoviedb icon Popularity: 2
IMDb icon * 6.2 / 10 / 16
IMDb icon ID: tt0112905
  • Language: en
  • Runtime: 88
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